Our Review Process

Whether it’s pet insurance or an invisible fence, no two articles are the same, but our review process is. At Dog Lab®, we focus on gathering firsthand, well-researched, expert knowledge.

We find the more informed you are about a product or service, the better equipped you are to make an educated purchase that you feel confident about.

Why Trust Our Experts?

Our pet experts (including licensed vets and an insurance professional) are dedicated to bringing you the latest industry trends and reviewing the most reputable products and services.

We conduct extensive research, analyzing pros and cons, competitors, customer feedback, and more. Our articles are fact-checked regularly, and reviews are updated throughout the year to ensure accuracy, including changes to pricing, features, user experience, and more.

Our writers take into consideration:

  • In-depth category research
  • Firsthand user reviews
  • Customer feedback
  • Comments on other review sites and retailers (Amazon, BBB, Yelp, etc.)
  • Discussions from social media channels

We have created a system over the past decade and a half that our readers trust. Because we immerse ourselves in the canine world every day, it gives us the opportunity to give you the most in-depth, unbiased coverage.

Credibility To Inspire Confidence

Dogs have been a passion of ours our entire lives. We are loving dog parents that you can count on for honest information. Get to know who is behind the scenes at Dog Lab.

Things to look for to establish legitimacy when reading online reviews are:

  • About or Team – Who works at the company?
  • Contact Us page  – Can you get in touch if you have a question or concern?
  • Disclosure Policy – Do they mention if and how the company monetizes and responds to feedback?
  • Review criteria – How are the winners selected? In our individual reviews, we always specify what criteria were applied and how we arrived at the criteria.
  • A credible author on each article – Did a real person write the review? What outlets have they been published in and what credentials do they have to back up their expertise?

Do you still have questions about our review process? Did you come across a site that you feel is not acting very ethically and brings more questions to mind? We’re here for you 24/7. Don’t hesitate to leave us your feedback and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy the content that we work so hard to publish.

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