About Chelsie

Chelsie Doglab reviewer team member

Hi, I’m Chelsie, and I’m a member of the product review team at DogLab.

Describe yourself in one sentence.

I’m clumsy, goofy, and have no shame.

Tell us about your professional career

My professional career all started with a BA in Criminal Justice Administration, minoring in English from Columbia College.

However, after I graduated, I soon learned that Criminal Justice wasn’t a field I enjoyed. Combine that with a new baby, and it was a recipe for quitting.

So, I became a Freelance writer. I could now work from home and work instantly became a whole lot more enjoyable.

What made you want to join the DogLab team?

After years of Freelance work, I stumbled upon a position opening at DogLab. They were searching for a full-time product reviewer.

I’m slightly clumsy and am very good at inadvertently stress-testing products to the point of breaking…

Throw in an unhealthy desire to discuss the features of my latest purchase to anyone who will listen. I thought I would be the perfect fit.

DogLab did too!

I landed my dream job. I’m part of the review team that tests dog products for safety, usability, and function.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

I love that I can spend time with my dogs and get paid for it.

What’s your least favorite part of the job?

The repetitive tasks. For example, while testing ball throwers, I must have played fetch thousands of times in the space of a few months. While my dogs loved it, I got over it pretty quickly.

Show us your pups!

Sure. Check out these two handsome dogs. Both were adopted from dog rescues.

Chelsie's dog, Jackson the Labrador x Beagle x American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Jackson: Labrador x Beagle x American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Funny Story: Jackson will howl along when the kids use their karaoke machine.

Chelsie's dog, Harper Australian Shepherd x Australian Cattle Dog

Harper: Australian Shepherd x Australian Cattle Dog

Funny Story:While sticking her head out the car window, she accidentally rolled up the automatic window with her paw. She didn’t find getting stuck as funny as we did.

Last Remarks…

It was fun to introduce my dogs and tell you more about myself. I look forward to seeing you around the DogLab website.

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