About Maggy

Maggy the DogLab researcher

Hi, I’m Maggy, and I’m a member of the review team at DogLab.

Describe yourself in one sentence.

A world-traveling foodie who wants to adopt every dog I meet.

Tell us about your professional career

I began my professional career working as an administrative assistant in a non-profit hospital. I worked on many projects including coordinating lectures for doctors, proof-reading book manuscripts, applying for grants and performing research whenever necessary.

I soon discovered I was highly organized, a great multitasker, and loved planning. And I learned that I am somewhat of a perfectionist, which has only helped my career!

A training assistant position opened up at the hospital, which presented a new challenge for these same skills. I quickly transitioned into this role where I coordinated training all new hospital employees, improve training materials and refresh dated content.

I excelled and was promoted to an event coordinator. My job involved organizing and running various events such as medical school graduations, staff picnics and building opening ceremonies.

But the best part about this hospital job was the generous vacation time – which I fully took advantage of!

I traveled to 16 countries within 6 years. It was here that I was bitten by the travel bug. Soon after, I left my position at the hospital to travel the world.

While traveling, I started offering my services remotely, assisting businesses with data-entry, creating organized business processes and taking on research projects.

An opening at DogLab presented an opportunity to combine all my skills with a topic I love – Dogs!

I was a perfect fit, and I got the job!

Now I research dog topics, products and work with the rest of the team to create highly organized, informed articles to assist other dog lovers!

Oh, and I get to travel while I do it. I am lucky that DogLab allowed this position to be a remote one – the other team members are a little jealous.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

As a dog lover, I am excited that my job allows me to learn something new with each topic I research and review.

What’s your least favorite part of the job?

A lot of work goes into each article. Balancing travel with the expected work output is a little tricky, as is matching up the time zones with the rest of the team.

Show us your pup!

Meet the love of my life. He is a rescue with one blue eye, one brown eye, and he stole my heart in Mexico. It’s hard to see him while I travel, but I visit him as often as I can.

Name: Tomás

Breed: Dogo Argentino x Pitbull mix

Age: 3 years old

Loves: Long walks on the beach

Hates: Being left alone

Funny Story: During Tomás’ first trip to the beach, he thought the waves were attacking him. He would growl at the waves before trying to bite them. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for him to realize they were harmless and once he discovered swimming, we couldn’t get him out of the water.

Last Remarks…

It was fun to introduce my dog and tell you more about myself. I look forward to seeing you around the DogLab website.

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