Is Dog Lab Inc ( A Scam? Probably.

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dog lab inc store where you order items

UPDATE: has since taken their website down. We are still receiving emails that users have been scammed and they still refuse to answer our emails.

Today, we are going to review dog lab inc, a company that might be a scam.

Dog Lab Inc is a store with an almost identical name to our blog. It claims to sell products at a budget price.

Don’t be confused…

They are Dog Lab and their website is

dog lab inc store where you can order dog beds and houses

This isn’t us. If this is the site you wanted, you have come to the wrong place.

We are DogLab and our website is

DogLab Website

This is us. We are not a store. We review dog products. We don’t sell them.

And it’s possible that dog lab inc doesn’t either. It is in our opinion that isn’t a legit website. If you buy a dog house or other product from here, you may never receive your order.

Let’s look closer…

Each day, we receive dozens of emails from people who have bought from dog lab and contacted us by mistake.

Each of these people are complaining about not receiving their order.

Here is just one of the many, many complaints:

Dog-Lab Inc Order not received complaint

Each of these people tried to contact and never got a reply. Frustrated, they tried to contact us. Unfortunately, since we are in no way related, we could not help them.

We tried to contact Dog Lab Inc ourselves, we sent over 30 emails trying to get this problem sorted. To date, we have received no response.

So, is a scam? Possibly so. Let’s look at their website.

Firstly, there is no listed address. This company claims to be located in America. If so, why wouldn’t they list an address? It’s because they don’t actually have a store here – they are a Chinese company.

How many American companies take 15 business days to deliver their goods to you? None. However, this would be roughly the exact amount of time needed to ship from China.

Also, many people leaving comments have confirmed they are being charged an overseas processing fee – further proof that this company is not located within the United States.

This is why the products are so cheap. They are coming direct from China. That’s IF they reach you. Judging by the emails we receive each and every day, there is a good chance it won’t.

And if your order doesn’t arrive, there isn’t any customer support to help you.

There isn’t anything unique sold on their website. Check out their dog paw washer – It’s identical to this one sold from Amazon. Same goes for all their other products, such as dog houses and dog beds. This confirms that they are another generic Chinese company.

Next, if we look at their Trusted reviews page we will see that most of the reviews left are fake.

For example this one:

fake review left on store website

A quick Google search shows that a fake image has been used:

Fake image used in reviews

Look familiar? Yep, it’s the same “person” who apparently left a review on

Why would a legit website need to place fake reviews?

Next, their Facebook page has actually been banned by Facebook. Unfortunately, they can still run Facebook and Instagram ads, which is how you probably came across them.

If something seems to good to be true, it probably is. And while these prices may be too good to pass up, there is no guarantee you will receive your order.

With so many reputable companies to order from, we do not recommend buying from Dog Lab Inc. They are not transparent, use fake reviews and do not respond to emails.

If you have already placed your order, you might want to consider filing a charge back with your bank or credit card company – this way you can get your money back.

If you believe you have been scammed, please contact your bank or credit card company immediately – many people who have contacted us report that their card has been charged multiple times.

Update: The domain and hosting is managed by bluehost, which has an American office. We have tried to contact bluehost multiple times to take down the website but have received no response.

Update 2: You may notice the charges on your credit card come from car companies over in the UK. We have reached out to some of these companies who are also looking into the problem – it seems whoever owns is placing random website names in the credit card descriptor, the line you see on your statement.

Do you believe you were scammed by this company? Please leave a message in the comments below with your experience – it could help warn others.

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