Last Updated: March 15, 2023

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  1. I ordered dog beds on1-22-20 for $27.00. Never received them. When I contacted my bank on 5/27/20 I was NOT refunded my money. Chase Bank said I had waited too long to report it. The report listed “swiftgo London, a car rental agency, as the “seller”. I too tried emailing numerous times and had an order number in the email from them. Today is 7/11/21.

  2. I was scammed I ordered 4 beds and 3 collars, no response to text and they took my money!!!!!

  3. I ordered from this website on January 5, never received the items. Thankfully it was only $15 but I have not got a response to any of the emails I sent.

  4. Definitely a fake company! I ordered a bed for my cat on April 2nd it is now November 12th got no responses from the so-called company. Of course my card was charged right away. Don’t know if it’s too late to get my money back but I’m going to try.

  5. I ordered 5 dog beds on March 30, 2020 and as of today (9/15/2020) have not received them. I ordered through a Facebook ad. I received a “Thank you for your order” email, with an order number, order date, processing time of 2 days and a shipping time of 12-15 days. I tried emailing the company several times and my emails did not go through. My card was charged on the date of the order.

    • Ordered dog bed in March 2020. Charged me but never received the item. Scam company. Beware. Sent several emails. No response.

  6. Same as above, except the name was Paws Place and it was through FB too— the website is now suspended. I do not get the dog bed I ordered and paid for in July.. no phone number to contact, and now emails are bouncing back. I feel dumb…

    • Ordered dog bed in March. Same thing. Never received. Just took my money.

    • Same here and I am on disability and can’t afford to order another one somewhere else. This was bought with my covid-19. So upset! Also feel dumb

  7. I bought a couple beds and other supplies in April. Items should have arrived sometime in May. Sent an email with no response. Charges show up as being charged from As soon as I placed the order, I did a little research and realized I was probably scammed. I immediately reported my credit card as lost/stolen. These items were ordered through a FB ad. Now I won’t order anything through FB. I believe FB has an obligation to check their ads. I placed a dispute. Will see what happens.

  8. Ordered 4 beds 6/20. Delivery was supposed to be 7/2. Still waiting. Daughter ordered 4 beds 7/20. Delivery was supposed to be 8/7. No beds. Credit card shows Euro Drive LTD Kent GB. (This name changed between authorization and payment.) No additional charge was on the card for this one. My daughters card was charged an additional fee for international service and the company showing was Paws & Claws EG LTD West Sussex. The ad itself shows a pet store address in Evansville, IN which does not exist. I have not only filed police reports and reported to state Attorney General, but also reported to Facebook.

    • I have also reported the matter to BBB. They do not answer emails and there is no other way to contact them. I was told I need to keep an eye on my account to ensure I don’t have additional charges show up later.

  9. I had bought 4 dog beds from back in April. I did not know about the scam till now. I have tried contacting them with no luck.

  10. I ordered a dog bed 5/14/2020 through a facebook ad by my account was charged and I still have not received my item as of 7/27. It was billed on my bank account under All I can do now is try to notify my bank. Buyer beware.

  11. I ordered a support dog bed for my senior pup on March 27…Its now July 23. I remarkably STILL want my product. They did an ad in Instagram – I am reporting them to Instagram because I’m sure they don’t appreciate companies using their platform to scam folks. I have emailed them countless times with zero reply. The tracking aspect is BS. I have replied to their thank you for your order email and gone directly to their site to reach out. Simply asking for my product…not even requesting a refund. Just communicate…I just need to know they are sending it ;(

  12. I ordered a bed for my dog back in February never received it. I couldn’t contact them. So Im was scammed. Thank you for reading my message & do not use this site

  13. I ordered a bed. Never received it. Tried to contact company. No answer, now I cant even email them, it comes back undeliverable.

  14. This company is a scam…I didn’t receive anything after placing order on May 10. I disputed this charge with my cc company and received a full refund.

  15. I ordered a dog bed in May and have not received any information on the order, I thought I would at least get an email

  16. I placed an order for a dog bed back on May 12th and now almost 2 months later I never received my order. I never even got a email about shopping. Tried emailing them twice and get a response that the email doesn’t exist and the message couldn’t be delivered. I also did the contact us messenger through the website and nothing!! DONT buy from here! It’s a scam!!!

  17. I ordered 2 dog beds on 4/4/20 and never received either bed. I’ve tried to track my order and it it doesn’t exist! This place is a total scam. They will not reply to my many emails!

  18. Credit card company traced charge back to a cab company 😡. Someday karma will catch up to them

  19. I also was scammed I ordered a bed and a dog brush over a month ago and they got their money already now of course I’m concerned because I did order online with my bank card confused about what to do..

  20. This same exact thing happened to me but the name of place was On my statment it says
    HERDHIRE.CO.UK Do not order from them! I have been waiting over a month and no replies to my emails. Scam

  21. I believe I have been scammed by this company. I ordered in April and haven’t received anything, not even a tracking number.

  22. yes place a big “S” for stupid on my forehead, I saw on facebook for a soothing dog bed (thank goodness it was only $14.99) and yes I emailed them time and time again with no answer……..I messed around so long now I probably cant get my money back. they even send you a receipt for your order….hopefully everyone else will be smart enough to get your money back and don’t mess around like I did, I really thought I would eventually get an answer….NOT

  23. I ordered a dog bed from Dog Lab back in April 2020 and have. I have not received anything
    I have tried to contact them to no avail
    I don’t know know what else to do

  24. I was scammed by this company. I ordered dog beds from them on 5/7/20 today it is 6/23/20. They charged my card 44.95. that is when I knew I was taken. Charge on my account was from a car rental in the UK.
    This just killed it for all the other reputable companies, do not know who to trust.

  25. Ordered in May 2020 have not received dog bed I order for 14.99 free shipping should known to good to be true. Charge on card went to HerdHire.CO.UK.

    ordered on April 16th will not reply to me

  27. I was scammed by this company .

  28. I got charged on April 4th 2020 for 2 beds and didn’t get anything sent multiple emails with no reply

  29. Got me too. Ordered 3 beds on March 29 = $44.97

  30. yep – never got my order….. so frustrated and them and myself for falling for it!

  31. I ordered dog beds in March and never received them . look on my card statement and was charged to car rental place. I have emailed them …and no answer back from them.

  32. I believe I have been scammed by this company. I have tried emailing them, the emails won’t go thru, I get a message back that they are unable to deliver them. I will be contact my credit card so. follow.
    Thanks for the information about this company.

  33. Must be. I paid for a dog bed on 4-22-20 still no product. Good thing i only spent 15

  34. They truly are a scam. I ordered 2 dogs beds in March and never received them. Also, I have emailed them several times with no response. The last 2 emails I sent came back undelivered. Do not order from them.

    • Same with me
      Every time I have e-mailed them it came
      back undeliverable
      I am so pissed….more at myself then anything

  35. Scam. I ordered 2 beds and got nothing. It’s been over a month.

  36. there are scam for sure!

  37. They took my money and didn’t send a f***ing thing . YEA ITS A SCAM.

  38. Same here, May 4 2020

  39. I bought a dog bed and still have not received it will never buy anything from them again

  40. I bought a dog bed 4/22/20 $15
    Never got it I figured later when they never replied it was a scam and now you confirmed it.

  41. Yep. Order 3 dog beds, was charged and sent 2 emails with no product received. Whoever received my money lived in Essex, Great Britain and I will be contacting my bank Monday morning. What a scam!!

  42. Yep I’ve been had. It’s been a month now. No product no response. 😡😡😡

  43. SCAM!!!!!!
    STOLEN MONEY!!!!!!!

  44. I ordered 2 beds. Never received them.
    I will be calling my credit card company to try to get it off my charge. On my statement it was listed as a car company which started me to look. Thank you for help and tips. Scared to order online but will definitely be on the lookout from now on.



  47. Scam Alert- I purchased 2 beds on March 28 they took the money I hot an email with an order number but nothing since it clear now its a scam.

  48. Yes, I believe that I’ve been scammed

  49. Scammed out of 2 dog beds ordered April 29. No reply to my email. Charge came through from a car company. Hope to get my money back through VISA.

  50. I ordered 3 soothing dog beds from them April 14th and haven’t received them. they charged my card and actually have sent me emails saying I didn’t complete my order and to submit payment. I found the ad on Facebook. What a bummer!

    • That’s what happened to me. Had to check that it went through. So I thought it was a glitch on there side.

  51. I ordered a dog bed from them a month ago. I have not received it and they have not responded to any of my emails

  52. I think I was scammed by this company. Ordered on April 4 and have not had any luck contacting anyone. I hate scammers.

  53. Yes, scammed. It was too good to be true, at least it’s minimal loss.

  54. Definitely scammed. Ordered 2 dog beds that never came. Most assumed delay due to coronavirus. Apparently not. Ugh.

  55. I placed an order Back in April for 2 dog beds and never got them.. they took my money??? How is this possible?? I’m so upset

  56. Yes seems I got scammed. They took my money and I never got my purchase. I sent countless emails and reported them to facebook and nothing ever happened.

  57. I purchased a stress receiving dog bed emailed several times no response. They took the 14.99 out of my account when I purchased it. When I went to track it not trackable. Now the site is suspended. So when they charged me it was charged by Holiday auto. So my question is how do I get my money back. I have contacted my bank. Definitely a scam.

  58. I have been taken. They took my money. And never sent my order. These people need to be stopped.

  59. I placed an order on April 1 for a dog bed. Received a confirmation email. No other correspondence. Have emailed twice with no response. Tried again today. Email address no longer supported. SCAMMED I suppose.

  60. Yes I feel I have been scammed. I ordered 2 dog beds. Thanks for the info. I will be contact my card company. I’m pissed can’t trust any company anymore Got an email thanking me for my order. Can’t even send email to them . Shame on them

  61. Isn’t PayPal how everyone paid for there products. I thought pay pal was legit.

    • Chelsie

      Hi Evelyn,

      When you use paypal, you are not buying from paypal. Paypal is a payment processing system. Any website can use them. Even scammers. If you contact paypal, they may be able to help you get your money back.

  62. So I ordered a dog bed thru PayPal. So I’m not getting a bed? And I lost 15.00 dollars?

  63. We ordered three dog beds and a grooming brush April 13th and have not received the products. I also have sent three or four emails with no replies. I also never received a tracking number, just the order confirmation. So looks like I’m out money and my fur babies are without new beds because I can’t afford to purchase more. I’m thinking at this point I’m just out the money and the beds. Shame on these people, they shouldn’t get away with it.


    • Chelsie

      Hi Julie,

      You shouldn’t be out this money. Contact your bank or credit card ASAP and file a chargeback. Many other people who have commented here have had success getting their money back this way. I hope it’s the same for you!

  64. I placed an order with through a Facebook ad on 4/28/20. My card was charged and I received an order confirmation email. Since then, I’ve received several emails stating that I left something in my cart, as their way of trying to get me to authorize another charge. Fortunately, the card I use for orders online requires authorization for each charge, so they were not able to place additional fraudulent charges on the card. My bank has been notified – they are returning the money to me and replacing my card. Lesson learned – no more buying anything through ads on Facebook!

  65. Yes! I believe I was scammed also. Luckily I did not spend a lot, but still so frustrating. Contacting my bank today. I hope I can get a refund and I do not get other charges to my card! Order date: 2020.05.10 04:24. Website suspended. Emailed link and it came back as a failed delivery!

  66. Looks like I too have been scammed!
    I ordered a dog bed on April 27 2020. I have not revived it. I went to track my order and now it says my account has been suspended.
    I will try and call my bank.
    Thanks for the information.

  67. This company got me as well for 2 dog beds. I placed my order and even got a confirmed # and then I received an email telling me I abandoned my cart , so I went back and checked my balance and they had taken the money out it was under a car rental place . I tried to contact them several times without any response back ! I have never received the beds, its ashame people have to take advantage of others especially at this time !

  68. Same! Ordered a dog bed on April 25 and haven’t received it. I’ve sent 3 emails and they never respond! Contacting my bank now!

  69. Yep. Same thing here. I placed an order last week for a dog bed and went to track my order and a page saying it was suspended came up. So yes, I was scammed. Contacting my bank right now. Thank you so much for the heads up.

  70. I ordered one yesterday just looked at my credit the charges was paid to

    • Got to checking looks like a rental company. Will be contact criedt card co. tomorrow.

  71. I was charged 44.97 back on May 1st never got anything called my bank ended up getting a new card sent out to me

  72. Yes , I know I have been scammed . I ordered the pet bed February 19 and still have no product . I’m worried about my personal information being exposed . How can I make sure that this doesn’t happen ? Is there someone I can complain to ? I can’t tell you how many emails I have sent regarding this issue .
    Thanks for he heads up

  73. Scammed. I’m disputing it

  74. I ordered a dog bed for $14.99 and everything you stated above is what I have experienced… I called my credit card company and disputed the charges…

    • The same happened to me on 2 orders. A harness, and dog bed. My order went through, and then I received emails on both that that I needed to finish completing my order. When I checked my bank account, both had been taken out by HTTPS//OSABUS.MILTON KEYNESLN on my bank account. I need to proceed and fix this. I am so disappointed in scammers.

  75. Ordered dog beds in April….. received nothing. I have sent 4 emails- no replies! I guess they got me! 😞

  76. I was charged for my dog bed 3-16-20

  77. Yes I was scammed by this company. Ordered a dog bed at the end of March and never received the item. I got a order confirmation that the order was received but never got a email it was shipped! I kinda forgot about it with the pandemic going around. I finally remembered I ordered it and emailed them about it and never have heard back from them. From this experience I will never order things on the adds that pop up on Instagram or Facebook!! Juat remember I it’s to good to be true it really is!! Calling bank today to see what I can do!!

  78. Well I placed an order back on March 24 for a dog bed and have not heard a single thing back from this company. I have sent 3 emails with no response and just sent a 4th requesting a refund. I doubt I will hear anything back.

    I tried going to the Facebook page link from their website and noticed it was banned and with some research found your website. I will be contacting my card company and feel foolish having been duped.

    Thank you for having this information on your website so I don’t continue searching for my dog bed.

  79. I order a dog bed in April. Nothing received and no emails responded to. Rental car company on card. Going to contact bank tomorrow. This is scam.

  80. I too have been scammed🤬 ordered May 7, 2020 and my suspicions started when. My 2 beds were charged to Renta truck for travel…WHAT??? I’ve been trying to get to their website and came across this. I’m sitting on hold now with my bank… They keep telling me to finish my cart and the last email was giving me 35% off my order. I guess now trying to get me to buy more. I hope they catch these people. What is happening in this world.

  81. This is a scam! My acct would have been charged monthly if I didn’t stay on top of this. My acct stated that the charge was made by, a car rental site. It’s irritating that they used my local pet store as a front for their scam! That’s the only reason that I ordered from a FB ad. Never again

  82. I ordered the dog bed in February, needless to say, I still dont have it. They will not respond to many emails left either

  83. Placed two orders never received them and I’m unable to contact or track the order.

  84. Well I guess I was a victim also. April 9 2020 I ordered 4 dog beds. At first I had in cart and they emailed me saying I didn’t finish my order. When I went to order it wouldn’t approve my credit card 2x. So my son used his and it went through. Well low and behold after I don’t know how many emails with no answer, I have no beds. People like that should rot in hell especially in the situation we are in with this virus. I learned my lesson

  85. I ordered 2 dog beds on 4/6/20. I sent 4 emails to the “company” inquiring of the status-no response. I called my cc company today to dispute the charges & cancel my card. My transaction showed up on my bill as: https://WEARMODA.COM; from Hereford HE (which is United Kingdom when I googled it). When I went to WEARMODA.COM it has a notice that if you ordered dog products you are at the wrong site. They have contacted them to change it, but to no avail. Looks like I got scammed & they are using other companies names that aren’t involved.

  86. I ordered several items in March 2020 but never received any of it! I have sent numerous emails with no response!

  87. I ordered a dog bed from them on 3/25/20. It was for 14.99. Not only have I not gotten the bed, but I was charged 3 times for it on my credit card! The description on my statement comes back as a car company in the United Kingdom! I am going to see if I can get a refund from my card company. But DO NOT order from these people! They are a scam!

  88. I ordered several items with dog lab have yet to receive said order was filled in two days with shipping in 12 -15 days. I feel like a fool didn’t get anything

  89. Been scammed ordered dog pet April 1,2020 plus 2 trackers . Never received call bank this is in despite. Called bank today to see what they found out , said it takes 2 weeks they know by next week. Also bank said charge on my card was a car rental place . Canceled my bank card so no chance of them charging anything else on my card . So yes they r big scammers I can’t understand how face book lets them to advertise on there . I’m going to put a large notice on my Facebook telling people how they r scammers & ask everyone to repost. Hopefully this might save someone else from these thefts.

  90. I also ordered and did not receive anything. Well i received a thank you for your order email . I ordered at the end of March and have emailed them twice with no response and they blocked me from commenting on their posts. I am so tired of everyone getting scammed not just me but my family and friends . They REALLY need to trace this crap back and arrest them make them refund all money or products ordered and shut them down ! New ones every day it’s sickening how they get away with it .

    • Same thing. Feet your order ten block you. The charge showed as car rental !! Jokes on them I work at a dealership I get free cars !! Will be disputing with my credit card and making sure they are blocked from additional charges to my account 😡😡😡

  91. I ordered a calming bed April 7th and was told I didn’t complete the cart which I did, but No updates or Comfirmation on it! Then May 8th my bank statement shows they took out $14.99 And No Bed!!! Shame on you fake asses!!

  92. I was scammed by this company. The charge showed up as Listed as travel. No response to multiple emails yet continually would send emails with discount codes. It’s been 20 days and no dog bed.

  93. Ugh! I should have known NOT to trust a random company on Facebook! I ordered two of the “calming” dog beds on April 25th and have yet to see them! I did get emailed a receipt but then quickly go an email saying that that I didn’t check out and still had items in my cart. I don’t know if they were trying to get my to place the order again, but I didn’t. I thought that was kind or weird as well as them not getting back to me when I emailed them about it. I’ll be calling my bank today and getting the charges reversed Never again!

  94. I was scammed by them them I placed an order on April 29th for a dog pet which is only 15 bucks but never got any shipping info or nothing so therefore I think I’m going to have to change my bank card.

  95. Same here. I wasnt going to get a new debit card but I am now. I order 3/29 and nothing not even tracking number for me. Mine was only 27 bucks. I have reported to the BBB and BBB asked if I would file a formal complaint. Please go report to the BBB so we can get these people.

  96. I have been scammed by them! They’ sent me an snail saying something went wrong and to try again, but I just realized I was charged both times! I’m going to my bank tomorrow to ask that the charges be reversed and to find out how/where to report them to consumer agencies.
    I’d also like to know how we can get Facebook to stop allowing their ads!

  97. I had purchased a order with this company and never received order. Just a scam


    • Chelsie

      Hi Gayle,

      You are yelling at the wrong company. The article above explains everything.

  99. I purchased a dog bed on April 5th after reading all the great reviews. I received an invoice after I purchased the item. Haven’t heard anything else. I’ve emailed them 3 times and commented on their ads on Facebook and still have heard nothing. Going to contact my bank to have them reverse the charges.

  100. Thank you for posting this. I think IS a scam. April 21, 2020 I placed an order. I was charged and given an order number. 2 processing days and up to 15 days to ship. Haven’t received word that my order did. I’ve attempted to contact the company twice with no reply. No phone number, no mailing address and no Facebook page. If I don’t see my product in the next week I’ll be filing a charge back with my bank. My dogs will be disappointed but they’ll live.

    Jennifer Timm
    St. Charles, IL

  101. following up on order 316360

  102. Yep guess I was a internet dummy. Purchased a dog bed and regret I didn’t do any research. Like you say to good to be true and I should’ve known better

  103. I placed an order on March 28th. I never received anything, no response to my many emails. I found the add on Facebook again, I sent a message and they told me they would get my information over to the right personnel. I was scammed out of my money. It makes me so upset they would do something like that. After reading this I am calling my bank.

  104. Hello I ordered a bed for my dog 😕 at first they response but then they blocked me and I can’t track the product or reach them be careful

  105. They sure got me! I had forgotten all about it and then I checked my credit card and I found a charge for 14.99 for some rental car overseas so I called my bank and the closed my account and send me new cards, I just went on Facebook and found that some other people got the same car rental place! So yes I was taken!! I hate to think how many people have lost their money! What made me believe was all the reviews with the pictures of their dogs so happy! This are criminals!

    • Same thing with me. Charge went to a car company. I am beyond discussed!! Learned a lesson on this one!!

  106. Yup, ordered a “Heavenly dog bed” in Feb for $9.99. Got a receipt & no contact even after emails, which were booted back to me. No longer ordering anything advertised on Facebook

  107. I, too, ordered a dog bed from this website. It’s been a month and I have received no responses to my email asking for an estimate date of the dog bad’s delivery. The amount of $14.99 has been changed from my credit card and this website appeared on my statement – LTBAYNHAM. HEREFORD
    GBR I will never fall into a cheap deal ever again.

  108. Yes, I was scammed. I order the anti anxiety bed for $14.99. It was charged on my card. I got charged $14.99 for

  109. Yes, I was dooped by that other site. I ordered a bed, put all info in, got charged 14.99. Then I got an email saying that I can get a discount because they were holding my cart. I applied the discount and put info in again and charged 11.99 for another bed. My fault, I should have known. Now you do.

  110. I was definitely scammed. I ordered a bed from them in February. My card was charged and I received a confirmation email. I never received the bed, and of course they ignored my emails. They still had their FB page so I messaged them. I could see they read the messages, but they never replied. They then blocked me from their page. I was bummed because the beds looked so cozy!

  111. this is a scam I ordered 3 bed on April 12 and still have not gotten anything and they have never answered my email I sent a few and got nothing will be calling my bank yes this is a scam please don’t get played like I did.

  112. I have been scammed from this shitty company. I’m requesting my money back for the bank. Do not order anything from this company.

  113. I purchased 2 anxiety beds on April 9th never got them , emailed them numerous times no response 😡 scam

  114. I purchased an anxiety bed from dog lab and have not received it yet. Been 3 weeks. My receipt does not shoe an over seas fee, and my email does not show dog-lab either. Just trying to get a handle on this.

  115. Yes, I bought a dog bed and never received it. I emailed them multiple times with no response.

  116. Yes, I have been scammed, I have sent several emails requesting cancellation of my order and no one responds back, It has now been over a month. On my card statement it shows: JRMVANHIRE SURREY GB, category…Taxicab/limousine
    United Kingdom
    If that is not a scam sales I don’t know what is. Trying to contact credit card company to dispute the charge.

  117. 4-21-2020 Got scammed for dog bed $14.99 + international fees also got extra emails regarding cart still had item, bank charge said I tried canceling order and tried sending multiple emails..non existent! Reported to my bank also blocked any other charges! SCAMMERS!! BEWARE!!

  118. I was hit by these thieves. Charged me $14.99 for the dog bed, then the next day sent multiple emails telling me I left something in my cart trying to get me to order again! The charges in my account showed up as a rental car company for a different amount. I emailed 3 times and nothing. Thieving asshats


  120. I bought a dog bed from this company (Dog Lab). I paid by card and have the proof of money taken for the bed. I keep getting emails about the product being still in my cart. I cannot find a place to check on my order or get my money back.

    Rebecca W

  121. Thank you for getting back to me! I am so sorry you have to deal with all the back lash from this company. So incredibly unfair to you all! I hope that you will be able to find a way to resolve this issue so you don’t have to deal with this! I appreciate all the information and I will never purchase from them again! Hope you have a wonderful day and good luck to you and your company!!

  122. I believe it’s a scam company too! I ordered a dog bed and never got it! Emailed three times, no response! No address or phone number! The add on FB looks so real as does the order confirmation. I did get the 14.99$ back from my credit card. Now I’m nervous that they have my credit card number! Sorry that your company is being called for their scams!

    • I’m in the same shape

  123. Yes they stole $89.00 off my card for a $15 dollar item and then on my transactions on my card I was bill from and they informed me that I have been scammed 😠😠

  124. I was scammed by this company. The charge under my PayPal states it was a car rental not a pet purchase. I am beyond ANGRY!!!

  125. So this is a follow up to my earlier post. I call my credit card company and sure enough, they got me. Not only for the dog bed $14.99, but a few days latter got another $20.25 a
    And then another $17.66. well, I got a name and a number and i am looking into it more. Beware. And thank you again,.DogLab, if it had not been for your ad I would have never known.

  126. I ordered a dog bed 3 weeks ago and now believe I have been scammed! I never got an answer each time I tried to contact the company. Tomorrow I will call my bank to get my money back! Lesson learned…

  127. got to say same story here. i ordered to beds in march and never got them , MONEY GONE , dont see how people get away with this must be something we can do to stop it

  128. Yes I was scammed over 2 months ago. Ordered their doggie bed . They took the money off my card but to this day no merchandise. I wish I knew who to report them to. That b-s is sorry and they should be banned and reported to everyone in BOLD letters…..SCAMMERS!!!!!

  129. I ordered a dog bed $14.99 on 04/07/2020. I got an order conformation and order number and the took the money from my account.
    The next day and several days after I get e-mails from them saying I never finished my order and they want me to compete my order. I did not fall for it. I did send them an e-mail back with my order number and date of purchase. Not once, but twice. I have not heard anything from them since. It’s been 15 days as of today. If I do not receive my dog bed by Monday next week I will chock it up to falling for a scam. I’m out $14.00.
    I hate scammers. Grrrr…..

  130. I have the exact same story, no contact, I have waited 20 days for 2 dog beds to be delivered. No way to track the package.
    I sent emails and messages no response. I will turn into the BBB and contact my bank.

  131. I ordered a dog bed 4/8/20 nonthing as of today I have email them several times no response !! Thanks Facebook for fake business!!

  132. Hi. I ordered a dog bed from this company and have sent many emails to find out my tracking number with no response. Obviously they are scammers. I was fooled. But I only spent $15 so I’m not that mad at myself. I hope no one else will ever order from them and I wish we could put a stop to them. It’s a disgrace that they are taking money from people!! Jerks lol

  133. I placed an order 3/26/2020 for 74.00 and I have not received anything. So I think it’s a scam. Cannot get a response.

  134. I have been scammed by the so called Dog-lab Inc also, I ordered a dog bed for $14 and never received it, it has been well over 15 days and they won’t even answer my emails.

  135. I wish I had seen this sooner!!! Place an order for two dog beds and was charged for them, then the next day I received an email saying this, “ Oh no! You haven’t completed your purchase! Your shopping cart has been reserved for a while and is waiting for your return!”
    Wrong!!! I got charged twice, they tried a third time my bank stopped them, canceled my card, now I have to wait 30 days before my bank can do anything!!!
    I have sent them numerous emails and never a response back!!! I lost $60.00!!!

  136. I just checked my bank statement and is said HOLIDAYAUTO.COM as source of payment. Think I just got Scammed. Ordered 2 dog beds so I thought.

    • That is the same email my bank has they’re telephone number is;
      447727481787 – United Kingdom
      90 Sitwell Street
      Spondon, Derby
      DE21 7FG

  137. Yes I believe that they are a SCAM. My order never came.

  138. When I read the example email you posted I had to check the date to new site it wasn’t mine! I ordered a bed from them, and just like you said – no item, no response. Looking through my bank account, I see that the charge originated in Staffordshire, Great Britain. I no longer expect to receive the item and will be filling a chargeback through my bank. I wish I’d seen your warning sooner! Keep up the good work!

  139. Yes I placed an order on March 20 & have not received my order. Also I have sent many emails with no response.

  140. I ordered two dog houses from them and like others did not get them. I have tried to contact them and nothing. Went to my bank and stop it But to late I could do nothing.

  141. Well they got me too…I ordered on March 31st…today is April 15th and still nothing…I emailed them 6 times and no reply….well going to file a complaint with my bank thanks for the heads up…😪😪😪

  142. I too ordered a bed from dog-lab and got scammed. They took my money right away and it’s been a month and haven’t received the dog bed. No response to emails either. Makes me so mad cuz I’m usually very cautious about who I buy from. I’ll be sticking to Amazon. Be careful to buy your products on a legit site.

  143. *Don’t buy from them*
    I fell into this as well. My charged posted as a recurring payment.. and it did say rental car Hereford.
    Also, I keep on getting the emails as well saying they are holding my cart.
    I have emailed them twice and no response!!

    So disturbing!!!





  145. Yo compre varios artículos los mire con precios comodos y me desidi a comprarlos los compre el 7 de Marzo les e enviado varios correos y aun no me contestan e revisado el número de orden y dice no encontrado SON ESTAFADORES NO COMPREN NADA EN ESTE SITIO DOG LAB.

  146. So so sad I believe I was scammed for 3 beds for my children’s dogs! I believed this would be such a nice gift during this time we are all to stay inside! I am on a very limited income, which this why this is upsetting!





  147. hi yes I ordered from this company and they keep emailing me saying oops somethings is wrong please finish your order.i got charged twice by this company.they are scammers. I wished I’ve seen the reviews before I ordered. I will be going to the bank to try to get my money back!

  148. Yes I was I ordered a dog calming bed back in February after 2 day processing and then 12 to 15 days now it’s the middle of April. I know my dog will not receive her bed in a Xlarge. But these people steal people’s money or they send you something you didn’t order especially if it’s coming from China they are the worst. I’ll just stick with the sites I know are for real. I don’t have money for people to steal.

  149. Yes I order from dog-lab on March 26th 2020.. and to date havent received a shipping date I have emailed 3 time also ask them why I was charged an international fee when they say they are in the USA!!
    Well I’m pretty sure I have been scammed..😡 but it was dumb on my part to even order in the first place.. if your thinking of ordering DONT ORDER FROM DOG-LAB.COM ITS FAKE N YOU WONT GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR…NOW TO GET AHOLD OF BANK TO TRY AND GET MY MONEY BACK…

  150. Yes I was scammed by them as well ordered 2 dog beds, never received them. Nor have they returned my emails.

  151. Ordered a dog bed than did some further looking into the site. Confirmed that they had nothing to do with the real “Pet Supplies Plus” (which is a real pet store company name they used to run their bogus ad.) I reported them to FB and disputed the charge with AMEX.
    Amex told me that they immediately charged my account under the name “Cameo Continental” and the address was in London. Googled address and it is for “Stripe UK.”

  152. I’m working hard to try and out this company. When you buy from your money actually goes here: I reported this page (yes, this driiveme page (it”s on facebook) to facebook as well as to other agencies that investigate fraud. I will get my credit card company to reimburse me for this fraudulent charge, but I want both sites shut down.

  153. Yes I order 2 dog beds from dog lab its been over 25 days they have my money and I have nothing how can I get my $19.99 back

  154. I went to my credit card bill. The site that your money goes to is in the UK. It’s Some kind of online virtual dream car driving experience BS. We need to ALL flood them with emails. There is a “contact us” place. As well as reporting this site.

  155. Pretty sure they got me. I bought one of those round dog beds for my dog. I’ve been wanting one for here for a while but didn’t want to pay $50 or more for it. I saw the add on FACEBOOK and got suckered in. I am sure that my $9.99 just went into their pocket. I got an email acknowledging my purchase right away, but now 20 days in and nothing about them shipping anything to me. I’ve sent 3 or 4 emails now with ZERO response to them as well.

  156. I was scammed by this company.

  157. I ordered a bed for my ole lab and never received it. I feel like a fool and been scammed. My order number is 8tzzz8qtxota just by my order number should of known. I’m so angry

  158. Yup, apparently I have been scammed out of $30. $10 for those calming dog beds really was too good to be true, but in my defence, I had previously purchased then for $15 and was very satisfied. When I tried to purchase again that company was, not surprisingly, out of stock. When i messaged a Facebook page that was linked to dog-lab they claimed to not be affiliated, that dog-lab was using them and they had filled a complaint. Thank you for this article.

  159. This Website is Fake as hell, please do not order from these jerks

  160. I ordered two dog beds the last week of February and still haven’t received them. The total was less than $20.00, but I still went to Bank of America online and disputed the charges after reading all the responses here. Lucky for me, Bank of America refunded all of my money, including the overseas processing fee they tacked on to the bill. If I see this company advertised in my Facebook feed again, I will be sure to add a comment to the ad that this company is a SCAM!

  161. Wife ordered a 14.99 dog bed they charged her account 89.99. Only a email address for contact. She saw the ad on Facebook. We emailed to cancel the order.

  162. I purchased 4 xl dog beds on February 27, it said 2 day processing and 2 weeks to deliver. It is now March 19th and no dog beds. I received an email confirmation and said I would receive an email when it shipped. I have never received an email stating that they shipped. Now I’m reading that this is a SCAM. I checked my bank account and was also charged for an international fee.

  163. I ordered a Heavenly Dog Bed 2/3/2020, got an e-mail stating order processing time was 2 days & 12-15 days shipping! Have not received the bed or any other responses!! This is so wrong and how do people get away with scaming like this???? IT’S TERRIBLE AND WRONG!!

  164. I ordered two beds on 2/29/2020. I haven’t heard from them. I guess I was scammed.
    I’ll report fraud and cancel debit card so they don’t remove more money.
    Thank you and take care

  165. I ordered a dog bed in January and now it’s March 16! I’ve sent multiple emails as well. I will be contacting my credit card company tomorrow as well as outing them on FB. Ridiculous!

  166. I ordered a bed in April of 2019 been sending emails since August of last year because it said you had to wait 45 days to complain about a no show order but I started sending emails before that questioning where my dog bed was and then got mad and started emailing them every other week about my money about not recieving my product their bad business and every chance I get to leave a comment about their business I leave a dissatisfied one and why they were quick to take my money and it’s now a few weeks from April 2020 and still no bed for my fur baby. This company it a SCAM and DO NOT order from them!!

  167. Yes I ordered from them feb 18 have not heard anything or gotten anything now what do I do

  168. Wish that I had seen this earlier. I’m on disability and these @$$holes ripped me off for 2 dog beds. I should have known that they scammed me when I sent numerous emails and no response.

  169. Absolute scam!! They also can be found under the website which was where I was originally duped. Any time I see ads for either site on Facebook I immediately report them. I’ve tried leaving comments warning people, but the comments are quickly deleted.

    • yes I to have been scamed here I ordered 3 dog beds 17 days ago and I have”nt gotten anythink iam gonna contact my bank and report this as soon as I get my monthly statement showing the money was charged to my card wish I would have soon this before


  171. I placed an order for a dog bed on 1/1/20 and still haven’t received it. I have sent three emails and no response. I have totally been scammed. Thanks for letting me know how to get my money back and information about this scam.

  172. Yes I believe I fell for the scam! Thanks for the tip on getting my money back! They took my money right away but I still after 45 days have not received my products.

  173. I ordered a dog calming bed 2/26/20 and I have a order number and I cannot get a hold of dog lab for tracking I’ve sent several emails and cannot get a response

  174. My dog is pregnant with babies and needs this dog bed.never got my order sucks

  175. Never got my order. Think I have been scammed, I should of known. I have emailed several times.

    Here are the details of your order:
    Order number: DOG-T9GABHK9PK8Z
    Order date: 2020.02.14 15:50
    Order processing time: 2 days
    Shipping time: 12-15 days

    On Fri, Feb 14, 2020, 7:50 AM Dog Lab wrote:
    Hide quoted text

    Thank you for your order!
    Your order will be shipped to:
    [Address and Phone number]

    Here are the details of your order:
    Order number: DOG-T9GABHK9PK8Z
    Order date: 2020.02.14 15:50
    Order processing time: 2 days
    Shipping time: 12-15 days

    Heavenly Dog Bed
    Color: Coffee Size: M Quantity:3
    29.97 USD

    Dog Safety Travel Harness With Seat Belt
    Color: Black Size: L Quantity:2

    Soft Fleece Dog’s Kennel
    Color: Green Size: L Type: 1 Quantity:1
    8.75 USD

    Waterproof Electric Dog Training Collar
    Color: Black Plug Type: US Quantity:1
    12.25 USD

    Portable Dog Tent
    Color: Green Size: 90x90x60cm Quantity:1
    8.99 USD

    Dog Carrying Basket For Car Seat
    Color: Grey Size: L Quantity:3
    19.50 USD

    Velvet Dog House
    Color: brown Size: L Quantity:1
    5.50 USD

    Artificial Grass Potty Trainer
    Size: L Quantity:1
    3.95 USD

    Price: 94.89 USD
    Discount: 18.98 USD
    Shipping cost: 0.00 USD
    Total price: 75.91 USD

  176. I order on 2/10/20 and here it is 3/3/20 and still nothing. I have sent 2 emails with no response, just like your other complaints. So I’m watching my credit card to dispute this charge.

  177. I, too am waiting for my order. It was placed 2/9. I have emailed 3 times, no one ever answered. I don’t hold out much hope of ever getting my order.
    Karma will take care of them.

  178. Ordered and paid for dog beds over a month ago. Sent 3 emails to ask about order status. Never a response. Will be filing charges on my card company. Hopefully, these notes will save a nother victim. Reviews are fake too. The won’t post the honest reviews!

  179. I ordered a bed from this company and one month later still haven’t received it. They are not responding to my emails.


  181. Yes My Name is Connie Andren, and yes I have been scammed, I have been waiting for my Product for a long time,I have Emailed them so many times . I have lost count.. Dont order from them . They are a SCAM. I Repeat. !!! Dont Order from them. I Do feel Stupid. For not checking this site out. But I will never do this again. NO MORE SCAMS. I haven’t got any MONEY back. But I’m trying. !!!

    • I will not do this again. Had to fix my comment, Connie Andren

  182. Hi,
    I place an order for a dog bed with this company on 1/25/20 . It has been exactly one month and I have NOT received anything!!! I have sent numerous emails (because of course there is NO phone #) and have not received even one response!!! I’m fairly certain I’ve been scammed and I’m pissed!!! Hoping my bank can give my money back to me!

  183. I called my credit company and got my money back but don’t delay or it will be too late to get it. Act right now because your order is not coming ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. Yes I was scammed. I placed an order for dog beds and never received them. I placed it on Jan.22.

  185. I ordered on 01/08/20 for 2 dog beds I have not yet received them I have emailed the company “Dog Lab” no response, just called my credit card company now they need to investigate. I did mine and for sure this is a fraud DO NOT ORDER!!!

  186. Yes, we were scam. Order dog beds 1/21/20 and now it is 2/21/20 with no beds and no reply to our numerous emails for shipping information. Check with the bank and found out that money went to a company in London that deals in car rentals. The bank is investigating and giving a refund.

  187. I ordered my products on Jan 10, 2020. I received a confirmation but no tracking number. The only way you can track via their website is with that tracking number. I have written them 6 time with no response! I’m ticked!!

    • Update: When talking with my cc company, we found my purchase was listed as a car rental in London!

      Run from this company!!!

  188. Please don’t buy anything from this company Dog Lab it’s a scam. I ordered a dog bed on January 20th and still have not received the bed-the money of course was taken out of my bank account. This is the second time this has happened to me and both were on Facebook the other one was a different company. Be very careful and don’t order things off sites you see on Facebook. I just want everyone to know that there are scammers out there so please don’t fall for it.

  189. I placed an order in August of 2019 and never received it

  190. I ordered a dog bed on January 16 . It is now February 16th I have not recieved it yet. I have a feeling I will not be getting this product at all. I am so disappointed . I got a confirmation number and it looked so legit. Guess I got scammed in this one.

  191. I ordered 2 beds for my fur babies. Total $19.98, on January 5th 2020. I have yet to received order. I searched further into and discovered that is tied to a name of “Haven” which is ran by a man named George Martin, Canine expert that lives on site in Ohio. I found a Phone number, 1-856-816-3010, every time i called it would say ‘This Mailbox is full’. On my Transaction History it says IRENE BLOMENKAMP LLC, Birmingham, AL . a friend bought a $1.99 toy to verify and her Transaction said TRAVEL SUPPERMARKET, +442079410641. Thats the info i found. Please put this info out. they have to be stopped.

    • i Looked up Irene Blomenkamp LLC in Birmingham Al.. She is a Attorney.

  192. Yes I ordered 3 dog beds from them and cost was 29.99 and never received.

  193. I ordered from them and never received my order. I emailed a bunch of times with no reply. I gave up.

  194. Yes this scam got me too! Ordered that comfy looking pet bed on FB on 23 Jan 2020. The email receipt I received after purchase was from DOG LAB. 12-15 days til delivery.
    Looking at my credit card statement I found the charge billed to MOLLY ROWLAND, a cosmetic company! Called the phone number listed 7164588562, NY, and the call was immediately rejected! Found this information stating SCAM and already entered a dispute with my bank. Credit was applied almost immediately so I think this is very common. Won’t happen to me again!

  195. I was scammed!! The money was taken from my bank account and I never got my product. Unable to track no response from the company

  196. First time I didnt google company and got burn.
    I order 2 beds and have not heard nothing on tracking number to track my order.
    I check my statement and seen where the money went to a Molly Row…., and the phone number when i call says “CALL REJECTEDl”.
    PLEASE always google company and I should have cause i would have NEVER

  197. I ordered some stuff on Jan 4th and still received nothing this is crap

  198. Thank you for having this warning post. I was actually searching on Google to further investigate this company after making a purchase off advertisement of on Facebook 1/22/20 and this is what showed up.
    I purchased a dog bed 2 days ago for 9.99. I have called their number listed numerous times at different times of the day it’s always busy. I contacted on Facebook messenger (Dog Meets Bed) who supposedly works for asking if they are scammers and showing them this link to this Scam alert page and I was blocked. Hmm a legitimate company would not block you.
    Contacted my bank opened up a claim after viewing the charge with my online banking and noticed it’s listed as a Rental Car purchase. The charge is filed under Yes capa London GBR ( 1 letter and several numbers) London Rental Car. This scam company advertises shipped from USA. I will be getting my $9.99 back.

  199. I ordered 3 beds and only received a confirmation email. That was on January 2nd today is the 24th. Yes, this is a scam!

  200. Yes I was fooled obviously. Placed order 22 days ago & nothing… absolutely nothing. No return email after sending a million of them. Shitty to do this…i hope karma finds these ppl.

  201. We ordered i the beginning of December from what we thought was a legit company. At check out there was all the security banners that we look for. After 2weeks and nothing, I tried to track my order, came up invalid order number…I have emailed x 3 and no response. Not only did we not receive our products, but now this company has ahold of my credit card info….I have cancelled that card for safety. DO NOT order from dog-lab

  202. Hi, yes i was scammed by that company too! I ordered back in October i have emailed them numerous times and have never heard one word back from them. 😡

  203. I’m such a fool!!! Ugh.
    Ordered . Nothing. Emailed. Nothing.

  204. i placed an back in October and it is now January and still nothing, have sent many many emails and no response😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  205. As everyone else I have not received my order. I don’t get replies to my emails the company is fake don’t get scammed like me!

  206. Yes I was scammed order with a dog bed for my girl who’s old and never got it

  207. Please do not order anything from I did. Never received my order. Never received anything but the confirmation that the money was taken from my account and an order number. If I allowed the 2 days processing and 12-15 days shipping my order should have been here 6 days ago. I repeat do not order from this place!!! I don’t have a lot of money but live my dogs. Was trying to get them something nice for Christmas. Now I have to try to go through the hassle of getting my money back through the bank. Hope it works.

  208. Yes I k ow I was scammed purchased a dog house on Aug. 2 never received. Send probably as many emails as you. No responds. Please people dont order from them.

  209. They are a scam:-( I order two dog beds back in October and still haven’t received them and sent countless emails. Stay far away!

  210. Yes totally agree this is definitely a scam ordered 2 dog beds on17th November still havent received them sent 6/7 emails with no response absolute joke so please do not buy from these

  211. Yep! Dog lab is a scam. Did not receive my inexpensive dog bed. I knew it would be cheap & take 15 days to get here, but was perfect for my Shepherd puppy who tears a bed a month up. That can get expensive. Looking for cheap for my destructive dog, I happen to see their add on Facebook. Point…IT NEVER CAME & NO RESPONSE TO email…SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!

  212. Scammed and so frustrated

  213. Same here.. Ordered beginning of November, had receipt from. Neuro something… Never received my order. Placed emails.. Never had a response

  214. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to order through dog lab back in the beginning of November told me I’d get my products within 15 days I’ve still not received anything and sent 10+ emails!! To have to reply. Another thing that annoyed me is that I also go a receipt from a place called naruto saying thanks for my order from dog lab. Seriously annoyed and definitely a scam!

  215. Yes I ordered a dog bed from here. I’ve sent numerous email but no reply. So cross

  216. I also placed an order on Oct.2 and I never received it either. Why is this company able to do this to so many people without someone doing something about it? They even gave me an order #! Yes I tried to contact them several times and still no response! What a disgrace!

  217. I was scammed from the fake Dog Lab as well. I called my credit card company to dispute after getting no response from them. Luckily they gave my my money back. I hope people see this and don’t fall for the same thing.

  218. I have ordered from this company and my order has not come ordered 11/11/2019 I’m really disappointed if this is a scam .

  219. Yes scammed out of $36. Waited too long to charge back. 60 days was the limit. Still no response from them.

  220. I ordered from this company oct 17th. I have never received my dog bed and can’t figure out who to contact for a refund

    • Contact your bank. You will want to do a chargeback. You don’t have a lot of time to do it so I’d contact them asap

  221. I ordered from them on October 10, 2019 and I have sent several emails in regards to my order. The money was taken out of my account the same day. I feel I have been scammed and I will notify my credit card company and try to file a dispute against this transaction for not receiving the items purchased. They should be shut down and removed from Facebook and advertising online.

  222. I think I’ve been scammed no goods no reply to emails nothing. I got a confirmation of order and that’s it. DON’T BUY FROM THEM. luckily for me it was only £20 but could have been a lot more

  223. I was scammed as well! Ordered Oct 15, 2019 & still no delivery. I ordered $50 in product, and sent 8 e-mails. I was trying to find a phone number, & stumbled onto this page. I don’t understand WHY Facebook lets them advertise, when it’s a nonexistent company. Now, with fingers crossed, hopefully my bank can help.

    • James

      Hi Aurora,

      Terribly sorry to hear you are another one that has been ripped off. Judging by the feedback from many people who have contacted us directly, you should have success filing a chargeback with your bank/credit card company. Unfortunately, facebook cares more about the money they make from advertising than checking to see if a company is a scam. We tried reaching out to Facebook on numerous occasions but have not gotten any satisfactory response.

  224. Just droppedon these comments after ordering of these people Iv emailed 3 times no response, can you get money back through your bank,? Think I would learn I done it with I cloud aswell only got refunded after 2 month shame on these people they might be cheap but it’s alot to some people and yes people would come here your name is the same,

    • Chelsie

      Hi Yvonne,

      You would need to speak to your bank about filing a chargeback. Each bank has their own policies and process.

      And yes, we may have the same name, but look at our site. It’s completely different with nothing for sale.

  225. Yes,I was scammed by them too! Can’t we report them to FBI?

  226. I ordered a dog bed 2 months ago, they took my money and didn’t send me my order, definitely a scam.

  227. I ordered 2 dog beds on Oct 12. I never received a tracking number and have not received my order

  228. Yes I ordered a dog house never got it it’s been 30 days scam artists !!

  229. Yep! I’ve been scammed! These people had an ad running in FB so I figured it had to be legit, wrong!! I’m going to my bank tomorrow. Grrrr, I hope these people get some karma soon.

  230. Fake site, total SCAM! I ordered a dog bed from this site in October 2019, as it was a pop up ad on Facebook. No bed received and I have sent numerous emails with no response. As you have seen from previous posts, they do not have a physical address or contact number. Beware this website!! I had to dispute the payment with my bank.

  231. Omg, I have exactly the same problem as you told above. I bought a dog house from 10/2 and never received anything from them. I tried to email them twice but haven’t seen any reply. So sad and disappointed. Such a scam!

  232. I ordered 3 dog beds in October, they charged me twice, and no dog beds yet

  233. Purchased a dog bed on October 16, 2019. I have been emailing them asking for the tracking, for the product, etc. Nothing!
    I finally looked up reviews and found this article. I did see an ad on facebook with good reviews. That is why I ordered. 🙁

    • Same here. I ordered a dog house Oct 2019 and nothing. I’ve sent them a final email. I’m reporting them to the state departments fraud department. So irritating.

  234. Totally scammed by this company. Order never received and no response to multiple emails . Very frustrating.

  235. They also got me back in May and charged me for threextra large dog beds here we are in nov and they wont refund my 23$ or answer my emails

  236. Yes velvet boxx and dog lab are the same scammers

  237. Yes however I dis not place an order for this so called big dog house but somehow dog lab charged my account for 49.25 ovwr two montha ago and I tried to co tact them over 100 emails and have got zero response a d they have sister company ha ha scams. That got my moms account also for a big huge bean chair and a trio croc pot all a scam.

  238. Me and my daughter ordered from them over a month ago and till this day have not received the items that we ordered don’t ever order from these people go the extra mile for your fur baby

  239. They got me as well. Just got off the phone with my bank. I am getting my money back. Its been 30 days. The charge on my account says its The Velvet Box. This company will not respond to my emails and when I track my order it says not found

  240. Do not buy from these people I placed a order on 10/28/2019 still yet to receive my products I’ve emailed them over four times with no reply this website is fake I’m guaranteeing I ordered only because of the reviews but I guess those are fake to .

  241. I am another – they got me. Order 3 dog beds, jacket and a pooper scooper on Oct 5th. Been reaching out to them trying to get a response – playing around on the internet I stumbled on this. UGH!!

  242. Yup!! I’m one of them. Very upset because I lost my job and saw this and it was cheap for my dog so I purchased one. It’s just upsets me not because it was $9.00 but I got scammed. It’s been down hill when I had to put my best friend to sleep and my other dog was depressed and not eating and my kids were very sad so we purchased a new dog 4 months after he passed. Then things just went down hill quickly, lost my job, got a stupid speeding tickets that cost me $400 lost my health insurance for me and the kids! I’m just broken and broke! I have 3 kids and this is going to be the worst Christmas ever for them. Now dealing with this. I’m so upset I’m hoping my bank can help me because I’m running low on money. I know 9.00 is not a lot of money, and it’s not going to help my situation, but it’s just the point that we all got taken Advantage and we all got scammed. So disappointed.

  243. I bought 2 dog beds from this supposed legit company over a month ago and never received them. They took the money within 5 minutes out of my account I emailed from their website and from my “confirmation “ email with no response. I’m just glad I didn’t spend more than $17 with this company. Do not buy from them SCAM

  244. They are a scam! They are using vangovagen for their money transactions… Vangovagen has no ties to and have filed police reports because of the fraud

  245. OK I thought it was too good to be true but I ordered anyway (big mistake )
    I’ve tried sending 8 different e-mails with absolutely no response, so I reversed credit card charge and thank goodness they did it for me.l don’t understand how they run ads on Facebook.

    • I also got scammed for 2 xl dog houses around $100.00 I filed a fraud claim with my bank but they would not return my money.

  246. This company is a scam. Charged my credit card 3 times for same order. I only ordered once. Now after waiting a month, no goods have come. Do not trust I am filing a chargeback with my bank so that I can get my money back.

  247. I placed an order on October 3 and as of today, November 6th, I still have not received my order. I emailed them twice with no response.

  248. Yep. Never got my item and they blocked me from everything

  249. I ordered from on October 6th & never received my items. I have emailed them numerous times & no reply back from them. They did email me my order & the order number then said they would send a tracking number when my order has been shipped. Never received another email from them. It’s a good thing thing I didnt spend alot. Do believe I got scammed.But will be getting ahold of my bank to see what to do about getting my money back.

  250. Yep. This company is a scam. Never received my items

  251. I was scammed by this company Ordered on Oct 3 2019 & still haven’t got my order. Ridiculous. DONT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!

    • Do not order from this company. I ordered on oct.6th 2019 never received my items. SCAM

      • Never received my items since Oct 13. This is definately a scam.

        • I ordered over $200 in October. Guess what? I received nothing. Emailed 5 times same as everyone else no response back. Grrr

          • OMG look at all of these people that got scammed!!!!! That’s terrible!!! I also got scammed for 2 dog beds thank god it was only $20 but look at all these people how are they not caught😡😡😡😡😡😡😡that’s insane!!!!